Collision repair that’s hassle free and affordable.

Whether they are working directly with you or on your behalf with your insurance company, Sure Shot’s experienced auto body repair mechanics and painters will put your vehicle back in pre-accident condition.

Alex and his staff will walk you through the painting process to get you what you want – anything from simply brightening the finish to laying down a flashy, unique custom look – at a price you can afford. And make sure you get an estimate from

Sure Shot before you let anyone else work on the annoying incidentals … the windshield that was cracked by a flying rock … a parking lot ding … the yellow haze on your headlights … or the side mirror someone knocked off backing out the garage.

Your vehicle will leave Sure Shot Collision Repair looking showroom new regardless of how bent up, dinged up, scratched up or faded the finish was when you drove it in.


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